Process-Art Invitations at Home

Looking to set up your own process art invitations at home? We’re here to help!

Process Art opportunities emphasize the journey of creating, rather than the destination. It’s open-ended which means the experience has no predetermined end point or final product that the child is working towards.

When setting up a Process Art invitation at home think about:

  • Where you are comfortable letting process art happen

  • How old your child is and what materials are appropriate for them (i.e. not a choking hazard)

  • Your boundaries or expectations for your child regarding the space and safety (the paint doesn’t go on the couch or that the scissors aren’t for their sister’s hair)

Leave your product-focused expectations at the door and let your child take the lead in this creative process!

Offering a Process Art opportunity to your child is easy as one, two, three!

Pick a PLACE to create.

Inside, outside, on a table, on the floor, against the wall or easel.

We love creating outdoors and sometimes this helps us feel more comfortable offering messy materials! Think about arranging the materials in your chosen space, using containers, a tarp or placemat, and a space that allows your child to move around.

Pick a MEDIUM + TOOL to work with.

Paint, pastels, glue, beads, water colours, clay, pipe cleaners, or stickers.

Brushes, rollers, sponges, corks, popsicle sticks.

There are so many types of materials and tools that you can offer. Start with 1-2 and see where your child takes it!