About Us


Cassidy Tsang

Ontario Certified Teacher, Art Educator, Entrepreneur and mama. 

I have always wanted my own studio where I can make art with children all day long. It’s my dream because art and children are the two things that light me up with the biggest excitement!  


One day, when my daughter was about 9 months old, I remember I was so excited to create our first art project with her. I organized all the materials following the project steps and immediately took her to the table after her nap. Wanna know what happened? She took a quick look, turned around and left! “Did she just ignore my art activity?!” I remember thinking to myself while feeling like a very embarrassed art teacher.

My point? I learned that art with young children has nothing to do with breaking instructions into small steps. They certainly do not care about how cute a popsicle stick craft looks nor if they want to be told when to create. Meanwhile, all I see on social media are simple, cute and no-prep art projects all aiming at busy parents and young children. I thought it’s time we make a change.


Thankful Family
Art House

Art with young children is about enjoying the present.

Art with young children is about nurturing their creativity. 

Art with young children is meant to be child-led.

Art with young children is about the process not the product.

Creating with young children is a mama’s way of capturing their everyday moments together. 


This is how the Thankful Family Art House started.


Thank you so much for joining the Family and I can’t wait to
create with you and your little one(s).