The Artfully Connected Family Process 

Cassidy Tsang's unique method for parents to make a connection with their children 
by adopting a creative family lifestyle beyond pinning the perfect art projects. 
"The paint will wash off but the memories will last forever" 
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  • Loves art but is struggling to find the right activity for your child? 
  • Gets lost pinning endless art projects and fail to keep your child engaged?
  • Frustrated becuase your child doesn't enjoy the activity at all?
  • Overwhelmed with all the artworks ( your child must keep)?


  • Feel guilty for not being having over-the-top art activities planned for at home days?
  • Feel like you have to be doing creative activities with your child in order to be a good parent? 

What if: 

  • You can put more attention on your child during the day instead of looking up art ideas at night? 
  • You can use the resources already available at home to let your child explore freely so you don't have to make another piece of art that you don't even want to keep? 
  • Creativity becomes the force that brings your family together so you don't have to make art every single day and still be able to raise a creative, independent and abundant child?


Hi! I’m Cassidy, or Ms. Cassidy, as my students would call me. I take my experiments from teaching, as well as daily reflections as a parent to create a constantly evolving process that challenges the way we see art and creativity in early childhood.

My specific framework takes parents and children from struggling to complete a well-planned art project to becoming a creative, aspiring and abundant member of the family whether they are at home, school or out in the world. 

Imagine what life could look
like when...

You get your time and energy back from pinning and completing art projects?

You don't have to worry about the mess and still be able to let your child explore freely at home? 

Your child stops asking for more toys and uses what's already available to create her own playful moments instead? 

Your family enjoys spending time together: baking, decorating the home, exchanging conversations, giggling, looking into each other's eyes all while applying creativity on a daily basis? 


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Introducing the Artfully Connected Family 

I created this community to help parents like you who see the value of art and creativity in early childhood but are struggling to introduce it your young child. 

My goal is to help you get clear on what art and creativity mean to you, how to create a home environment that gives your child the freedom to explore and raise an abundant family connected by creativity. ✨

What you'll get:

✨Access to our private community portal ( starting April 1st, 2021) 

✨The Artfully Connected Methodology: my unique framework to help parents live a creative family lifestyle without requiring endless art making with their children 

✨Private Community to meet like-minded parents, ask questions share your Artfully Connected Moments and exchange tips 

✨Monthly updated resources 

Bonus: Setting up A Home for Free Art Exploration that Won’t Drive you Crazy 
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What our Members are saying...

“Letting her explore with the paint has been so fun for the both of us. Like how is she able to do one activity for more than 30 mins???”⁣
- Janet Kim

“So great for working those little hand muscles. My 2-year-old had never used a spray bottle before so it was great to watch her master a new skill and feel so proud of herself.”
Cassaundra Balachandran, mother of a 2-year old

“He loved to see the colours swirl together on the page! We played for over 30 minutes. The video explanation was perfect. I also loved that it didn't make a huge mess.
Brittany Yurkovich, mother of a 23-month old










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